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Goat Meat: Products


When we were looking to start a commercial meat herd, we knew we would need to look outside of the box.   Although we do like our Boers, we have recently fallen in love with another breed of meat goat. The Kiko Goat!

We introduced 3 does to our operation and we have not been disappointed. The Kiko breed is known for their vigor and hardiness, fast growth, strong maternal instincts, and high resistance to parasites making them perfect candidates to start our commercial herd with. 

By crossing Kiko does with the Boer bucks, we already have, we get a larger framed, faster growing, hearty goat that is highly resistant to parasites.


We run this herd on about 70 acres consisting of irrigated pasture, wetlands, and brushlands in Lewiston, CA. This herd lives most of the year without much help from us humans, and that's the way we like it! We have trained guardian dogs that offer protection and safety to the herd with the constant threat of predators in out location.


2023 was our first test run!!

We processed about 450 lbs of product that was USDA Inspected and available to our local community. Our product was served at numerous local restaurants and the community couldn’t get enough of it. We were ecstatic!!

Our goal for 2024 is to provide more product to the surrounding areas. We will be offering private and commercial sales, so please reach out for availability, pricing, and customization. Our list will fill up fast!

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